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Branding SharePoint and Office365

SharePoint Apps

"You don't brand Outlook or Word. Why do you need to do branding on collaboration sites?"

Well, we want to :-) SharePoint is supposed to be great again. It is a development platform. So why not? :-)

Well, I've been working with SharePoint for a long time and it was always possible to define URL address to a CSS file and style the pages. Team Sites and other SharePoint Foundation sites were born with Microsoft blue colors, and we immediately got to learn everything about feature stapling. Yes, cool kids feature staple.

Then came the JavaScript injection and PnP.

Still, in my opinion, we should have a place in SharePoint or Office 365 UI where we can set URL to a custom stylesheet.

Then I was thinking about Microsoft talking about disruption, multiple platforms and how SharePoint developers are now web developers.

So I found a place. Call it disruption, baby. The place is called browser, whether it be Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera or else. As a web developer, I can now code that too ;-)

For a starter, I made a Chrome addon, called Sans Style. A little button in browser that opens a form. It is an extension to Chrome browser. A form where you can define a website and a stylesheet and save it. Once saved, the Sans Style addon adds the custom CSS to the website, you defined each time you open the website.


So now I can brand SharePoint, I can brand SharePoint modern pages, I can brand almost any website. Others need the SansStyle addon with the website and CSS defined in order to see the branding. It kind of works as Ad Blocker, it just adds style to a website.

It's free. Get it at Chrome web store  Awesome to style SharePoint with CSS on localhost (Read more at http://sp2013.blogspot.com/2017/03/sharepoint-branding-office-365-classic.html)

I also manged to make Facebook red. But, I don't have to change Facebook or CNN. SharePoint and Office 365, as a development platform? Yes!

I also wrote

SharePoint Branding Office 365 classic and modern - CSS file on localhost

SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

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Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!


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Microsoft made some improvements to the store recently. All improvements are welcome. Microsoft has its own add-ins and is focused on strengthening the platform, Office and SharePoint.
I do not work for Microsoft. No thank you.

I'm, just to make it clear, just as any other developer or a company trying to make money from SharePoint add-ins. My own Store is also open for business.

In the following I'll describe how it is to be a customer at the Microsoft's SharePoint store, the process of finding an app, buying the app... Oh, it is called add-in now...

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SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

I was in Paris two years ago. I had a session about Branding Office 365. Everything went fine, except the one thing missing - branding. I spent all my time telling people not to brand what today is called classic sites - the old fashioned SharePoint pages and sites that we know from SharePoint on-premises.

I was telling people not to invest heavily in branding. Branding that is often thought of as a long term, one time investment on SharePoint on-premises is no longer so on Office 365.

Constant Microsoft updates are "breaking" your branding and modern pages and sites such as Delve, MySite are built in a different way than the classic sites.

I felt that it was important to tell people about it. But it was a sad session. I'm very positive, glad, smiling, always thinking about new opportunities. Not a Microsoft gray material. People that came to my session were expecting to learn how to brand Office 365. We all ended up being sad. The world …

Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!

Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!!!

Wow! Really?

No, I didn't :-)

I do have a SharePoint app (25 apps to be exact) at the Store for Office and SharePoint Apps.

No, I don't have 1 billion customers :-)

I enjoy building apps. First I get an idea, then I code the app, style the app, test the app. At the end I do a support document, text, images, and video to present the app for potential customers. Then comes advertising, contact to customers, updates...

And I try to keep my feet on the ground, and that's the reason for a smiley after "No, I didn't" and "No, I don't"

Building apps for Office Store differs from building custom solutions directly to customers. Most of the times, you have to come with idea for an app your self. Most of the time, you don't even know who bought your app.

Blah, bla, bla, no I didn't sell 1 billion apps :-)

I talked about apps with many developers and they were all listening me talking about hosting, app id…